How this site was born


It seriously only takes 30-seconds to completely change your path.

In November 2009, I had a random meeting with someone at my company I had never met before, that I almost cancelled. The last 30-seconds of that meeting changed my life forever and two months later, I sold almost everything I owned and moved to help start-up a branch of a Multi-National Sporting Goods Brand in India.

This blog started with the story of my solo journey from a mellow surf town of Encinitas, California to New Delhi, India … and as of April 2011, has continued on to the story of my return to the U.S. as I create a whole new life with material possessions consisting of four suitcases and a whole new career starting my own business (basically, a do-over of the life I had before I left). It is also full of reminders (for myself and who ever wants to read them) to, as cliche’ as it may sound, seriously live in the moment as much as possible, always share your stories (your truthful ones), experience (and be grateful for) the connections around you… Because, our connections are why we are here.

You will also find reminders about trust; trusting yourself and the world around you. One of my friends told me while I was living in India, the adventure doesn’t begin when you set out, it begins when everything goes wrong. During my almost year and a half in India (which felt more like five years) I definitely learned that first hand. I also learned that what seems so incredibly wrong or scary in the moment, just may end up being something you have a tremendous amount of gratitude for, and a catalyst to help you finally create the life you always wanted. Seriously.

How I practice going with the flow everyday…

Be open to anything, be adaptable, but question things that don’t feel right (and don’t be afraid to change direction). Remember that the best moments don’t always lead where you think, and the worst moments can lead you to a place you never even knew existed. Trust in the good, beauty and underlying harmony in the world. Be happy. Be sad. Be strong. Be vulnerable. Be you (the whole thing)  … and enjoy the ride.

Thank you for letting me share my stories with you and for sharing your insights with me along the way. One thing to remember, as crazy as it is, it seriously only takes 30-seconds to completely change your path … you just have stay present, be willing to move outside of your comfort zone, and to trust in it all.

Thanks for visiting!

With love & gratitude,

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