Love it!

Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

Elliot (of Elliot & Bowie) gives us his take on marriage.

“I just want her to just be how humans are, just how I am.” … “which is what?” … “beautiful.”


“I like you, I kiss you. You like me, you kiss me.”

It’s getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot

“Some girl in yoga pants is looking at me funny, I’m just trying to find decent Pinot Noir for under $20″ … “Pay my $80 bucks for six things and get the heck out”… yeah, that’s awesome.

Via - Whole Foods Parking Lot Written, Produced, and Performed by DJDave aka 

and yes, you can Download Whole Foods Parking Lot on iTunes 

Soul what?

I love SoulPancake! 

“SoulPancake is more of a mission than a Web site. It’s a MOVEMENT to wrestle with and chew on LIFE’S BIG QUESTIONS. It’s a way to EXPLORE why we believe the things that we believe. It’s a place for you to TALK about your soul and the existence of God. It’s a space to ENGAGE in art, philosophy, creativity, truth, and beauty. And ultimately, SoulPancake is a community of people who are digging DEEPER to figure out what it means to be human and to experience this rich, strange, difficult, and awesome journey called life.”


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