San Diego Gets Ready For a Yoga Party in the Park in Support of Empowering Youth


What’s cool about this event is it’s not only a celebration of yoga, music and the great outdoors, it’s a celebration in support of organizations that empower young people to reach their full potential through yoga, nutrition, environmental projects and service.

546236_387644967923279_1319724861_nSince its launch in 2008, Yoga Rocks the Park (YRP), nationally presented by Natural Fitness, has grown steadily from one small grassroots gathering in Denver, Colorado to one of the fastest growing, family-friendly, outdoor live music, yoga, and wellness celebrations in the United States. YRP has almost doubled its U.S. presence over the last year, with ongoing weekly events in over 14 cities across the country, including Boulder, Chicago, Phoenix, San Francisco, Portland and many others, with attendance topping over 400 yogis and their families in select cities.

As YRP events kick off in cities throughout the United States, YRP is proud to announce the launch of its weekly San Diego series beginning Sunday, August 4 – Sunday, September 8, 2013.

Events will take place on Sunday mornings during the summer at Stagecoach Park in Carlsbad, California from 8:30 am – 10:30 am, supported locally by Yoga Six, Toe Sox, True Nutrition, Paleo Pro, Yoga Tropics, and Ignite Yoga Fusion, among other local and national supporters, including Luna Bar, Rive, My Yoga Online, Yogi Tunes, be present, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Yoganonymous, Hanuman Festival, USA Mart and Natural Awakenings Magazine.

Each weekly event includes a 75-minute all-levels yoga class led by one of San Diego’s top yoga teachers, accompanied by live music from emerging and nationally recognized musicians, and a kids’ yoga camp to complement adult classes, designed for children aged 3-10, presented by the world renowned Next Generation Yoga Team. The camp begins a few minutes before the event and ends a few minutes after the adult class so parents can participate in the full practice.

Events also include a vendor village, providing guests with unique experiences and access to innovations in wellness with YRP’s national and local partners.

This year’s lineup includes yoga classes with Tracey Stockalper, Jenn Perell, Sarah Haughton, Ashton Szabo, Jano Galindo, Ashley Disharoon and Katie Brauer with live music from Mike Stockalper, Luke Williams, Steve Gold, DJ Golden Lane, DJ Jano and Mental Physix.

2013 San Diego Instructor + Live Music Schedule:

  • August 4 – Tracey Stockalper & Jenn Perell / Music by Mike Stockalper
  • August 11 – Sarah Haugton / Music by Luke Williams
  • August 18 – Ashton Szabo / Music by Steve Gold
  • August 25 – Jano Galindo / Music by DJ Golden Love
  • September 1 – (Labor Day Weekend) Ashley Disharoon / Music by DJ Jano
  • September 8 – Katie Brauer / Mental Physix – FREE DAY thanks to the generosity of Yoga Six!

Event Day Schedule:

  • 8:30 am: Registration opens + Music starts
  • 8:50–10:20 am: Camp Yoga Rocks for the Kids Presented by Next Generation Yoga (while Mom and Dad practice)
  • 9:00-10:15 am: Yoga and Live Music
  • 10:15-10:30 am: Music and visit wellness vendors

What’s cool about this event is it’s not only a celebration of yoga, music and the great outdoors, it’s a celebration in support of organizations that empower young people to reach their full potential through yoga, nutrition, environmental projects and service. Aside from offering the Camp Yoga Rock The Park Kids Yoga Class, Yoga Rocks The Park supports the Sean O’Shea Foundation who is committed to bringing yoga programs to public, private and charter schools, rehab centers, juvenile court appointed schools, pregnant teen programs, and hospitals. Their goal is to empower youth through yoga, nutrition and optimistic teachings that help to develop life skills that can enable youth to take responsibility for their life, develop respect for themselves and others, and have confidence in their own potential.

The second beneficiary of this event is the global organization, Kids for Peace (that happens to be headquartered locally in San Diego), on a mission to cultivate every child’s innate ability to foster peace through cross-cultural experiences and hands-on arts, service and environmental projects. Guided by the mission of Kids for Peace, our programs emphasize youth leadership, cross-cultural experiences, arts, service and caring for our earth.

“It is so heartwarming when I find organizations spreading a similar mission as the Sean O’Shea Foundation; wellness and the joy for life! We are proud to partner with “Yoga Rocks the Park” in San Diego this summer and we look forward to meeting new friends from the yoga community. We are pleased to be sharing our mission and work with the community and hope many of you join the Sean O’Shea Foundation, recently voted the Top Rated 2013 Nonprofit,” commented Gloria O’Shea, Sean O’Shea Foundation Founder and Executive Director.

The September 8th event will be a free day for the entire community and will be presented by Yoga Six.

Tickets are available for advance purchase on the event website at for $12 (cost is $15 at the park). YRP is now offering special discounted individual and family season passes available for purchase on the event website through August 19, 2013.

Complete event details can be found at!

1000840_595694137118360_1913824212_nFree Music!

YRP San Diego Artist Luke Williams NOW featured in Yoga Rocks The Park Sounds of Summer on Yogi Tunes. Get your exclusive FREE DOWNLOAD now off his upcoming debut album, “From A Learning Heart”

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You know those days when you are so busy that if you receive one more email or phone call your head might explode? You’re at your max. Harmony and balance only exist in a far off land and your shoulders are up to your ears.

This happened to me two days ago and I had no one to blame but myself. I could progressively feel myself filling up over the last month, yet I still continued to say yes to everything; I mean everything! Yes, to new clients, new projects, even volunteering. I did all of these things with the best intentions of giving, but only to end up depleted, cranky and saying “I’m so busy” about 20 times a day.

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I Was Looking for an Answer and Instead I Got a Question

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 9.40.48 AM


I have been pretty cranky over the last few weeks. It happens. I am typically a super happy person, but when I am not, I’m not.

As someone who works in marketing, a percentage of my day is spent posting “positive” quotes and inspiration on social media. Last week even those positive sayings were becoming slightly annoying.

I have been working A LOT and to say that my “balance” has been off is an understatement.  Balance to me is alignment. It’s about well-being and I was lacking. Seriously, I own a company that promotes a holistic approach to life, business, wellness, happiness … I seriously needed to tighten up my program before I became a fraud.

I went to Sedona last weekend thinking that I would arrive and I would magically become instantly balanced (ever do that?).  However, once I arrived, I remembered I had a conference call that I committed to. Annoyed again. Not at anyone but myself.

I realized I was not taking care of myself in the way I should be. Determined for balance I ended up going on a hike with my friends and worked the conference call into the hike. I was quiet about it, but I am not going to lie, I was totally judged by a few passers-by. “Why the hell is that blonde girl on the phone?” Truthfully, I would think the same thing if I were them. “I am trying to be balanced people!!! Lay off please.” … see, I needed to relax.

The next day, I sat waiting for this miraculous sense of balance to flush over me, (i.e. “here I am, I’m outside in this beautiful place. I’m ready for balance!”) or an answer as to how I could stop being so cranky. Instead, I heard this voice screaming at me. Maybe it was intuition, spiritual guides, whatever it was, it was screaming … The time to have it all is now. “What the hell are you waiting for?!!!!! ” 

Seriously, what the hell AM I waiting for? What are any of us waiting for? It hit me that incorporating all of the things I love into my life NOW is the most important thing I can be doing. It’s not about shutting if off and then expecting it to turn on just because I was in a beautiful place. I should be working on fun, love, health, and well-being just as much as anything I am doing. These are all things I know … I seem to be taking them for granted lately.

After that moment, I sat in immense gratitude in my reacquaitance with this knowledge. In the realization that it’s not about learning how to work hard, I already know how to do that (we all know how to do that). Right now, is about learning how to have it all… and not having to ask myself “what the hell are you waiting for?” ever again. Because 99% of the time, the answer to that question is just an excuse anyway.

Here’s to right now. You in?