Magic, Butterflies, Dance Parties and Grass Between Your Toes (Just as life should be)


“Yoga Rocks the Park is not just a weekly event, it’s a movement to bring a sense of peace and joy to communities throughout the country.” – Erik Vienneau (Founder + CEO)

 20 Cities. 150 Events. (All locally managed!) 25,000 Yogis. 30 Seva Partners.

How to Wake up with a Bliss Hangover

Portrait of beautiful smiling woman on bed at bedroomHas the long standing Friday Night tradition of going to a crowded bar to drink cocktails been replaced with cold-pressed juice and coconut water at your local yoga studio? With already 10 sold out events this season throughout the U.S., the popularity of Friday Night Yoga Club may be a sign that times are changing.

On a mission to celebrate community, Friday Night Yoga Club (a.k.a. FNYC) was created four years ago to gather local yoga communities in Denver and Boulder around the most innovative and inspiring yoga instructors.  Now, with expansion into five new cities this year, FNYC is now one of the fastest growing “yoga parties” in the U.S. now in Boston, Boulder, Denver, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Nashville, and San Diego.

These music-fueled events featuring world-renowned DJ’s, musicians and emerging local artists, are proving to offer a perfect night out for a 75-minute yoga flow, healthy eating and mingling with your local conscious-minded community to the soundtrack of live music.
Friday Night Yoga Club has been called “The hottest wintertime yoga party in Colorado,” (Westword), “The best party in Los Angeles,” (Ryland Adams). Could this be true? You’ll just have to go see for yourself, and my guess is you will not only agree, but be pretty happy with yourself in the morning when you wake up with nothing more than a bliss hangover. Namaste friends!

Find out where to get your bliss on at 10% of ticket sales benefit local & national causes.


A 5-minute meditation that will change your day (for real)


Writing for me is a way for to express who I am, and sometimes to face the truthful things about myself that I would like to change (yikes, that is not easy sometimes).

I have been saying these words below (which I have never written down until today) every morning for about two years now (well, 80% of mornings). I promise you, when I take the less than 5 minutes it takes to sit down quietly and say these words, it makes ALL the difference in my day.

Now, I don’t start every day on a hilltop in Hawaii (as in this picture) and most of these things that I say in my meditation are yet to be mastered, (the grace when challenged is a work in progress), however, with every day that I say these words (out loud seems to be the most effective), and the more practice I have becoming the person I see myself as, I become more in alignment with these words, myself and everyone around me.

I am sharing these with you because when something really helps me in such a huge way, I am more than compelled to share (hopefully we all feel this). The second reason, is usually what happens is, once I get my own words out into cyber space it speeds things along in terms of me mastering things myself… so funny how that works.  So, simply by reading this and listening, you are totally helping me. So I THANK YOU in advance for supporting me to be more peaceful and graceful in the face of challenges (my boyfriend thanks you too I am sure ;) ) and for helping bring more happiness and prosperity into my life… know that I wish the same for you.

I encourage you to write your own (I put some resources below to help you) and take the time out for yourself in the morning (like I said, it only takes 5 minutes). What happens is, your own loving words will come back to comfort you throughout the day… or in some cases, slap you in the face… i.e. “um, Traci, that’s not very graceful.” and when they do, remember, you asked for it.

Here’s mine: 

“I am a beautiful & extraordinary being. I see the higher being in myself and all those around me. I trust in myself, my spiritual guides, and in the universe to continue to guide me on my path towards amazing love, patience, grace, wisdom, intelligent compassion, humility, health, happiness and prosperity in all areas of my life. I am grounded and peaceful as I gracefully move through the challenges in my day, knowing they carry with them certain truths about myself and opportunities to practice virtues I have asked to learn. I am patient with myself and others in this process. I am so grateful for all of these lessons, all that I have, and all that is to come.” - Traci Wallace (70% Gypsy + 30% Businesswoman)

p.s. Saying I am beautiful & extraordinary being feels a little braggy at first… I thought to myself, “I am?” the first time I said it… “Is that too braggy?“… then I moved on, knowing that we all are, humans are amazing. We all need to recognize that in ourselves and each other WAY more than we do… starting with 5 minutes of recognizing your beautiful self a day is a perfect start.


Oprah on Developing Spiritual Muscle & “making space for flow to show itself”:  

“For me, meditation reorders the natural flow of life. Everybody has a flow or stream of consciousness that allows all things to move without resistance. Decisions come easily, things fall into place, and there’s no conflict. You’re vibing with life ’cause you’re in the flow. Hopefully, we’ve all had glimpses of that way of being. How do you hold on to it? Practice consciously making space for the FLOW to show itself. Meditation is a way to get you there.” – Oprah (Developing Spiritual Muscle)

How to Write your Own Meditation + Tips to making it a part of your day 

One of the Fastest Growing “Yoga Parties” in the U.S. Comes to San Diego

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Friday Night Yoga Club brings it’s music fueled, nighttime yoga party series to San Diego, California this winter to the area’s favorite yoga studios including, Chula Vista Yoga Centeryoga80Bindu Yoga StudioThe Yoga YardSoulshine Yoga, Spirit Yoga, and Yoga Six.

On a mission to celebrate community, Friday Night Yoga Club gathers the San Diego yoga community on select Friday nights around the most innovative and inspiring yoga instructors such as Lauren Duke, Reegan Lessie, Lora Heiner, Aminy Johnson, Shawna Schenk and Helen Cloots guiding you through a 75-minute flow to a live soundtrack provided by your favorite DJ’s or live musicians including DJ HyFi, DJ Golden Love, Gina Cat, DJ Jano Galindo, John Bonner and Graham Hadidian.

Born from one event in Denver, Colorado just three years ago as an alternative way for the rapidly growing conscious community to spend their Friday night, Friday Night Yoga Club is now one of the fastest growing “yoga parties” in the U.S. with events now in seven cities (Los Angeles,DenverBoulderMilwaukeeBostonNashville, & San Diego) offering a perfect night out for yoga, healthy eating and mingling with conscious-minded community to the soundtrack of live music.

The San Diego Friday Night Yoga Club seven part series began on December 20th and runs through April 11, 2014. Tickets are $25 in advance or you can purchase a Date Night 2-Pack for $40 (save $10). To purchase tickets and for the complete schedule, please visit 10% of net profits from ticket sales are donated local San Diego causes. To get involved: Email

2014 Friday Night Yoga Club San Diego Schedule